The 10 Must-Have Staples of Any Fashionable Businesswoman’s Wardrobe

In the business world, first impressions are everything. It’s important to put your best foot forward in any situation, and looking good is a key part of that.

If you’re looking to stock (or restock) your business closet, you’re in luck! The Theory NYC sample sale is coming soon to 260 Sample Sale - so you’ll be able to beef up your wardrobe for less!

Here’s our 10 staples of every businesswoman’s wardrobe and why you need to look out for them at the Theory Sample Sale - March 6-11 at 260 5th Avenue!

A Well-Made, Well-Tailored Blazer

The blazer is arguably the most classic, timeless, and versatile piece of business fashion. The difference between a cheap and well-made blazer is immediately apparent. A good (hint: Theory) blazer will slim you at the right places, will allow you free movement of your arms, and will last years.  

A Meeting-Ready Dress

We love dresses because they’re an easy way to look really dressed up when really you’re just glad you aren’t wearing pants.

A thick, comfortable, well-cut dress is an outfit in and of itself and it’s a wardrobe staple you’ll never regret investing in - especially in the middle of a marathon meeting.


A Nice Accessory

When it comes to accessorizing for work, less is truly more. Try keeping accessories thoughtful and to a minimum - and always opt for something nice and luxurious like a silk or cashmere scarf, a gold watch, a wool hat, a pendant necklace, etc.



Comfortable, Yet Nice Trousers

Another extremely versatile item, trousers can make or break an entire look based on fit alone. A key to making sure you’re getting a pair of good trousers is to buy from a brand that’s main focus is on workwear (*cough* like Theory *cough*). Whether you prefer crops, wide leg, cigarette pants, you’re sure to find great fitting trousers at the Theory NYC sample sale.





Practical Heels

To buy a heel you can work in, focus on low height and neutral colors. You’re going to be wearing them for 9+ hours at a time, so you need something that won’t make you hate yourself. These Theory options above are great to look out for at our sample sale. They’re a reasonable, practical heel height without sacrificing style. What’s not to love?



A Neutral Trench

When you want to switch it up from your regular blazer routine, a fun way to do so is by throwing on a neutral trench coat! It’ll match anything, it’s a great layering piece, and be sure to look out for belted styles that help create a gorgeous shape.


A Silk Blouse

Think of the silk blouse as your most classic, go-to top. On the days where you don’t have the time or inspiration to thoughtfully create your outfit, a silk blouse is the piece that creates an effortless style. Be sure to stock up on these at the Theory sample sale! You’ll be glad you did.

A Versatile Cardigan

Because let’s be honest: most office environments were made to be comfortable for men. Which means that unfortunately, the ladies are left a little chilly. Having a cozy cardigan you can throw on over any outfit is a true gamechanger when it  comes to office comfort.






A Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is the perfect replacement for your trousers on days that are just too warm for thick pants. You’ll want to grab one in every color at the upcoming sale in preparation for what’s sure to be a warm summer!








A Button-Up

Need we say more? It can be dressed up, it can be dressed down: do not underestimate the power of the button up.


How does your closet measure up? If you’re lacking, don’t forget to stop by our Theory women’s sample sale! Opening Tuesday, March 6 through the 11th at 260 Fifth Avenue.


For more information visit the Facebook event!


Laura DiGiovanna